Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Importance of quality and unique articles for Google ranking | Article writing service

You know about the demand of high quality unique articles for your blog, website and article marketing. I will discus shortly what is the main importance of quality and unique articles. 

Why quality article is king: 
Article is a media of expressing yourself, your company, your products or your services to the people. Think a moment, you are telling people how much good your products or services. If your article can not describe about your company properly to your customers, then how it will bring a buyer to your shop? So, first of all you must have to confirm about quality articles. It will convince and guide people to be a buyer of your company.Some people think that, unique is first condition and quality is second step. They also think it, if article is unique, then Google and others search engine will bring it to the top search result. But, they don't know that a unique article will be valueless to the customers when it can not convince people to buy a product with accurate information. 

Answer of a question, Who will be your customers, Google or people? If your target customer is Google, then first, uniqueness of an article is must and in the second step quality will come. But, if your target customer will be people, not Google, then quality of article will be first step and second will be uniqueness. You may have a question, if your article is not unique, then Google don't index it or ranked it at all. It is true, but if your article is not informative, then no body likes your articles and finally Google also drop your article to the bottom. On the other hand, if visitors think that your article is good and useful to them, then they share it to their friends, put a good comment or feed back. This way, Google also index and rank high your content. 

Why unique article is important:
Why Google and others search engines like unique articles? Why they hate duplicate or spin article? This is a common question to many new website owners or writers. I will explain it in details now. To make it comprehensive to you, I will show an example. Suppose, you have a store-room with limited space and this store-room will work as museum. It has a fixed capacity of 10,000 animals. Anybody can store their animals here with free cost. You can fill it with one group of animals like bear, or 10,000 of different animals. Your service is for humanity and visitors will learn about animals for free. Now, what you will want, all of your 10,000 animals will be same group or different categories? You must want that, 10,000 different animals will stay in your store-room. 

Now come to the point, if some people want to store 10 dogs with minor editing, that is not natural, then do you allow them? Off course not. Google and other search engines are also doing so. They do not like same article, same information, same words with simple synonyms changes twice. They want to store in their database only new, fresh, informative and quality article. So, unique articles is very important to index and get ranked high in search engine.

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